Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

going crazy

my friend and me

I love her eyes she's beautiful! And thanks to the lightning my skin looks radiant ..... and yellowish :DD
This was the day where i tried a new hijab style outside of the house (it was my first), and my mum and her friends were all "What?? What is this? What is that black thing under her shawl?" ........ and so on.... i was speechless :D MAN IT'S ONLY ANoTHER STYLE. But i wasn't mad, cause they don't know the fact that you can wear your hijab differently than others. Whatever ~

I need a job! or rather i need money! For this:

But my problem is March! I have to learn for exams, for my Abitur. Abitur means "secondary school leaving examination" (I didn't know that :D). It also means my 13 year school-life is going to end.
Next Wednesday is my Art exam. I'm not nervous at all, but i should be. So my next post will be about the outcome :D ~ wish me luck

See ya all ~ ♥

btw, last week i had my first bubble tea ~ it was awesome!!


  1. SALAAMS :D i don't really like bubble tea at all... the bubbles are kinde gross i think XD
    yeah a lot of turkish people are like that! my aunt and my cousins always say that my hijab styles are weird, but i like it.. and my neck isn't even visible!! turkish people...jeez haha i said jeez :D
    i love the picture above :D your friend looks like a good friend of mine LOL :D
    but she has blue eyes <3 i love the shoes in the photo... i love this tomboy look hahaa :D your new profile picture is awesome :D at first i didn't even recognize you hahah :D LOVE YOU MY DARLING

  2. hey. you're welcome.!

    oh and I'm also having exams right now. kind of the equivalent of abitur in france. Its frustrating.
    lovely post I love the bag

    xx shay

  3. Hey, salam aleikum. :)

    Ich habe gerade gesehen, dass du auch aus Deutschland bist.
    Ich dachte, du bist aus Malaysia oder so. :D

    Und die Tasche gefällt mir total!! <3

    Naja auf jeden Fall verfolge ich dich nun. ;)

    Besuche mich doch auch mal, twofaaces

  4. halo :)
    after blogwalking here and there, then I arrived here, lovely blog btw.
    lil bit surprise that you come from Germany, cause I am learning German language right now and I wish someday I can go there. :)

    I follow your blog now, take a look of mine too if you don't mine.
    Tschüß! :D

  5. salam! you both have beautiful eyes!! mashaAllah!! followed you! hope you follow me too! :)

  6. Hay thanks for visiting my blog. You are from Germany, arent you? And you are Muslim. I'm so amazed.. So glad I met you. I'm learning German now by the way. Hope we can be friend :)

  7. hi niken.. sad to say I'm not from germany, i'm from Philippines and yes I'm proud to be a muslim, but I love Germany though! such great place to visit! :)

  8. HI, I like the photo it's so awesome, really :) and your blog too!
    Wish you luck with your exams, InshaAllah you'lll do the best!



  9. love the photo! its very artistic
    and i hope you get that bag, its so cute ! :)

  10. Hallo hallo!
    Ich liebe deine Blog und du ist sehr sehr hubsch! Deine Kleidung sind sehr modisch!
    Es tout mier leid weil ich kleine Deutsch spreche!
    I love your blog so much! Mashallah sis, you are doing a great job! I am your newest follower!