Montag, 27. Februar 2012

a move toward change

I want this coat so badly. I searched everywhere for it until i found out that it's from Zara and it costs 100€ in Germany. But i want it! I hope i can convince my dad *O* that would be awesome!!!

Yuna Zarai
My week was stressful because of my exam. I would like to show you my picture for my art exam but i can't, rather i'm not allowed to show you because it's part of my Abitur. That was on Wedenesday. On Monday was my german test and on Tuesday math..... (Edit: That was last week)
I'm really stressed ~

But lief goes on...

For info: i did an interview with Shay, it was fun!! Thanks again Shay :D


  1. I like the coat, it's so awesome but also expensive :)
    InshaAllah you'll do the best with your exams.


  2. I know right! I love her coat and belt so much, the brown is just.. perfect!

  3. Hi again Shaima! Awww I'm so happy that you like my photography :) yes I have a Flickr account but I don't use it that much, I like to post my photographs on my blog.

  4. hai!! i love yuna too..she is a fashion icon but do u listen to her music?? she got soul!! :D

  5. Shaima, you're so sweet. Thank you for following my blog, you know it means so much to me :')

  6. Wow. I am in love with this outfit. Its superb! I love the co-ordination!

  7. i adoore this trensh!! the whole outfite suit you a lot!! :D